About Us

The Blind Pig Bourbon Market & Speakeasy

The Blind Pig Bourbon Market was purchased by new owners Stephen Vittitow and David Erickson  in April 2018 which was a combination Bourbon Inspired merchandise, bar and Bed & Breakfast.  However, David and Stephen relocated to 112 North Third St. and established The Blind Pig Bourbon Market which quickly developed as the go to for Bourbon inspired merchandise including apparel, accessories, home décor, food /candy and BOURBON.

Soon after purchasing the Market, they realized there was a missing bar element, The Blind Pig Bourbon Speakeasy was born at 107 E. Flaget keepingthe large Bardstown bourbon tourist population in mind. A Prohibition inspired sister to the Blind Pig Market, the Blind Pig Bourbon Speakeasy bar was launched in September 2018.  It became the easy answer for a missing attribution to the town. The Blind Pig Speakeasy bar currently is secretly tucked away in Bardstown proper. It truly evokes the mood of the 1920’s-30’s speakeasy ambience that mixes an elegant jewel bedecked lounge and a rough and ready bar backed with a massive, bourbon selection. A place that truly tantalizes the taste buds of bourbon lovers everywhere.  Named after the police who turned a “blind eye” to the liquor rooms of the 1920’s Prohibition era and to the practice of speaking quietly “easy” about such a place in public, so as not to alert the police or neighbors, “The Blind Pig” has now landed residence here in Bardstown, the truly original Bourbon Capitol of the World.